Driver Wanted!!

The subtle rise of Ezechiel Joseph within the ranks of the United Workers Party is no sudden coincidence.  After the mysterious death of late Party Leader Sir John G.M. Compton, the powers that be scrambled to look for a new successor to the U.W.P. throne.   They accepted Stephenson King because of his long standing membership in the party and his ability to be swayed in more directions than one.  It wasn't long after PM King was sworn in, the party honchos realized that come next election, there must be a new face behind the wheel; in the driver's seat so to speak.  They looked around the  Cabinet at the elected and selected members and were tormented by the fact that there was no one fitting enough to change the spare tire, let alone drive the vehicle.

The party's last convention, was by then in the motion.  Down for the leader's post was PM King.  The interesting race was for the Deputy Leadership which saw many a candidate.  Among those trying their lot was the long time apprentice to Vaughan Lewis, Sir John and now Stephenson King Lennard "Spider" Montoute.  Joining the arachnid were Richard Frederick, Keith Mondesir and Ezechiel Joseph.   The general consensus was that the spider already had one of the deputy leadership positions tucked away in his web. 

The contention now was for the other deputy leader.    The one who would eventually emerge to uproot Montoute and succeed PM King.   The general membership of the U.W.P. were sufficiently satisfied that Keith Mondesir was an embarrassment extraordinaire ( not ambassador, EMBARRASSMENT!).  With that knowledge, the burgeoning problem was the candidacy of Richard Frederick.  As "frightening" as it sounded,  a few members of the general body had cast their support behind Fredo.  However, the powers that be were not going to have it.  Already having to deal with the painstaking acceptance of Richard into the party, the honchos were determined to ensure that he was cut out of the top leadership posts. 

In came Ezechiel Joseph -  A quiet  individual who seemed to be carrying out the work of his ministry without scandal.  The movers and shakers then saw the opportunity "to kill two birds with one stone" (ensure Richard gets no where close to the leadership and get a replacemnent for PM King) and made their move to shake Fredo from his boots.  It worked!  The results were shocking to those out of the loop, but those in the know, were well aware of the obvious out-come.   Richard was hoodwinked into believing that the mass of U.W.P. members were on his side.  The rest is history as the saying goes.

It is only a matter of time that Ezechiel will be propped up as the new leader or the U.W.P.  Ofcourse, the main reason why that has not taken place yet is because the honchos do not want to create further division in the Cabinet.  It is a source of concern to them, that Rufus Bousquet, Spider Montoute, Allen Chastenet, Richard Frederick, Guy Mayers and Guy Joseph all want to ensure that they are the one holding the steering wheel when all is said and done.  What irks the powers that be even more, is the fact that while they figure a way to get the best possible solution to their myriad of problems, Stephenson King will still be leading the vehicle of state quickly downhill and out of control. 

Land at Monchy - what has happened?

Land earmarked for the the displaced residents of Conway etc at Monchy has been mysteriously deleted form the plans of the new Housing Minister Richard Frederick and Chairman of the National Housing Corporation Michael Flood.  A source close to this writer has reliably informed, that the lands at the top of this designated area have been sold.  Question is sold by whom?  Moreover to whom were they sold?  Richard Frederick has amazingly acquired immense wealth since his short stint as Minister of Housing.  It was only about 4 years ago, Mr Frederick while on TALK was asked by host Rick Wayne about the rumouors about him being in drugs etc.  Mr. Frederick for his part, admitted to hearing the same rumours but let it known Mr. Wayne that these rumours were very unfounded and baseless.  Infact, Frederick then not yet a minister, assured Rick that he Frederick didn't even know where his next meal was coming from. 

 If one is to believe that Mr. Frederick is one who tells the truth, then questions should be asked about his millionaire status.  One of these questions is how did he become so rich in such a short space of time.  On Friday 7th August 2009, during his  "Can I Help You" radio show Mr. Frederick spoke of his disgust with M & C for upholding their company policy and not letting him have his way.  Doing things the right way is not something Mr. Frederick is accustomed to.  To him it seems like a far grasping concept.  However Mr. Frederick went on to say that he had spent "hundreds of thousands even millions" of HIS money and was upset about the whole episode involving M & C staff and his driver. 

Even from the little information provided above, Mr. Frederick is either a blatant liar or he was sure gotten rich mightily quick.   It is only a matter of time before the seeds of deceit, lies and treachery grow to full plants.   To quote Minister Frederick himself, "What you sew, you bound to reap."

Hanging by his balls?

Attorney General Nicholas Frederick is the subject of much contention in Cabinet.  A Cabinet Minister who will remain anonymous for all intents and purposes, has duly informed this writer that some of the efforts to hide or ignore the corruption among his colleagues on the part of Mr. Frederick is directly linked to threats about his job made by certain ministers.  Ever since the Father of U.W.P. died, the Attorney General's job has been in obscurity.  Sir John appointed Mr. Frederick not for his legal accomplishments but as a reward for stepping down as the endorsed candidate for the  "safe" Micoud North seat before the General Election to accommodate him.  With the likes of certain "frightening" figures in Cabinet, Mr. Frederick had been fore-warned to let corruption go un-touched.  Infact, one minister who was "CENTRAL" in the whole affair even gave the Attorney General a small broom as a symbolic gesture to let him know that if he wanted to keep his job he had better learn to sweep things under the carpet.  Indeed, the doctorate in Mr. Frederick came out, and boy, did he learn quickly!

My Frederick was cornered to the point that his son who had interest in a certain tertiary learning institute, had to basically look elsewhere for someone to back up a loan at the bank.  With his father's job so very unsure, and hanging in the balance, the Attorney General could not commit to anything of a middle to long-term financial nature.  In fact, even the short term seemed like a distant future.  It is this blackmailing tactic that the un-named government minister cited as the main reason for the Attorney General openly supporting corruption and other criminal activity by his colleagues. 

If Mr. Frederick is a true man of integrity what then must he do?  Well, the Attorney General to begin with must be a lawyer so that surely means he has his practice to fall back on.  He is also a retired teacher, principal and permanent secretary which means in effect, that he is also a pensioner.  With these two incomes, it is clear that if Mr. Frederick has any modicum of integrity left in him, he would call it quits and remove himself from a Cabinet of crime and corruption.  The same can also be said for the "christian" Guy Mayers or the other Guy who purports to be a church man also. (More on these two and their true character in the near future).

Fall Out in Cabinet Deepens

With the verdict in on Cabinet Conclusion No.574(c), Keith Mondesir has accused Allen Chastenet and Guy Joseph among others as co-conspirators in a plot to get him to lose his Cabinet position. Reliable sources have it that Keith Mondesir went to Prime Minister King to demand that the government, through its lawyers, appeal the ruling by Justice Brian Cottle or that he (Mondesir) will spill the beans.  Minister Mondesir told the Prime Minister in no uncertain terms, that "If I go down, we all go down."  The minister sites Chastenet and Joseph as two in the UWP heirarchy who would like to see him not only leave Cabinet, but not run the Anse La Raye / Canaries seat.  After realizing that he has as much chance to win Castries South or Soufriere/Fond St.Jacques as Mondesir had of winning the Tuxedo Villas case, Mr.Chastenet has his eye on the Anse La Raye / Canaries constituency, if perhaps Gros Islet is not cut in two.  A source close to the cabinet colleagues has intimated that Minister Guy "ti Chastenet" Joseph has had enough of Keith Mondesir and the numerous embarrassments he has caused the government, and is ready to support his cabinet idol in any bid to unseat the current MP.  For his part, Keith Mondesir insists that he will not resign for any one, not the opposition nor cabinet colleagues nor the St.Lucian populace.  Infact, he has gone futher to make it known that not even Prime Minister King, who he calls Humpty, could get him to resign his ministerial post, citing another colleague of his as someone who is in the same or even worse predicament where defrauding customs is concerned.  It seems as if Dr. Keith is about to prescribe total destruction if he does not have his way.  Yuh Follow?

His last stand as a UWP?

It is widely accepted that the Spider is all but done with the United Workers Party.  Having been shafted by then Chairman Stephenson King for the leadership of the UWP and the Prime Ministership of St. Lucia, Montoute was up to his now famous venomous game of backstabbing his leader. (Remember Vaughan Lewis? or even Sir John when he was sick?)   Never the less, the Spiderman never relented, keeping his eye on the prize as they say.  The straw which broke the spider's back (or is that abdomen?) was when he somewhat got a taste of his own medicine during the internal leadership squabble of May 2008.  That was when Montoute teamed up with Richard Frederick, Rufus Bousquet and Marcus Nicholas to overthrow PM King.  To the surprise and chagrin of the Spider, Rufus Bousquet or  Bruce Tucker, double crossed the treacherous spider in a political play for the ages.  In what turned out to be a battle of wits from DC Comics, Batman outfoxed Spiderman, using his own web to trap him.  The well documented meeting was supposed to take place at about 4pm.  An hour before that, the batmobile pulled up to meet PM King before the other characters arrived.  At that meeting, Batman "negotiated" with PM King to receive the Commerce Ministry with the Foreign Affairs Ministry promised to be delivered in a short period after.  Upon arrival at the planned meeting, Spiderman and the other two were greeted by a smiling caped crusader.  Batman immediately welcomed his colleagues with the line "If I can forgive King, you can forgive him too."  At that point Spiderman received the death blow to his dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of St. Lucia.  (More on that story later)   Ever since then, Montoute has been a fish out of UWP water, I dare say the Yellow Sea.  Sources close to the Gros Islet MP say he is seriously contemplating a change of habitat.  Keep your eye on this unfolding development dear reader!

Why was Works Minister driving a similar vehicle?

Works Minister Guy Joseph was stopped by police a few months ago for driving a vehicle that was the source of contention.  According to sources with knowledge of the apparent transaction between the owner and the proposed buyer, the vehicle was in effect stolen.  After numerous reports to the police by the owner and the bank with the title on the vehicle, the police finally acted.  When the vehicle was tracked down, it was noted that it was in the possession of Minister Joseph.  A minister driving a stolen vehicle?

 What was more note-worthy, is that the person who "lent" the white Isuzu D Max to the minister is none other than Andre Edgar.  Who is Andre Edgar?  Well he is a director of A&M Holdings.  This is the company which got the contract to resurface the Allan Bousquet Highway in the Union/Balata/ Babonneau area.  The contract was given directly to A& M by the minister himself.  You ask, where was the tendering process?  I ask that too.   Question now must be asked; how does a minister of Transport & Works, who gave a company a direct contract for a major project, wind up driving a vehicle that "belonged" to a director of that company as though it were the minister's own? 

Moreover, imagine the embarrassment for the country and Cabinet, that a minister was driving a stolen vehicle as if it were his own.  If this does not sufficiently worry you, then nothing else will.

Housing Chairman Michael Flood - a Source of Concern for Party Honchos

Sources within the United Workers' Party have intimated that there is more than meets the eye (or ear for that matter) where the questionable partnership of MP Richard Frederick and former U.W.P. Opposition Senator and current Housing Chairman Michael Flood are concerned.  Members of the hierarchy are worried about the backlash the party can be dealt as a result of  Marigot Housing Project.  A former chairman of the party has from day one made it quite clear that Michael Flood should be in no position in Government where he has insight into finances, land, housing or any deals whatsoever.  The former chairman, who already was against the acceptance of the likes of Richard Frederick into the UWP, for all sorts of frightening reasons, has pointed to Mr. Flood's employment record.  A record that the average parent wouldn't be too proud of their kids for.  The former chairman and others, including the current chairman Karl Daniel are taken aback by what they say has potential for a huge scandal.  The pairing of Minister Frederick and Mr. Flood is one that is a sore point and a grave cause for concern for the head honchos of the party, as they look toward the next general election. 

Even Sam "Jook Bois" Flood has reservations about his brother being involved in any organisation where money etc is concerned.  The honchos have cited Mr. Flood's dealings in a well-known used parts company, his days at a long forgotten Castries garage, his employment stint at a known  soft drink company and the reasons for his firing.  They went further to say that in the election of December 2001, two mini-buses were purchased for the party.   The honchos would only say that they could have accounted for only one of these buses.   The list of well documented "activities" of Mr. Flood go on, and on, and on.

The former chairman has already spoken to the Party Leader and Prime Minister, about Mr. Flood, the position that he holds and the possible brewing of huge scandals that the government can ill-afford at this time.  Mr King, not known for his decisive prowess or for conviction ( a word he has a history of using, when he delivers speeches), will have to step in and stop what the honchos say could be the biggest problem yet, for the UWP.  Will Mr. King act now, or will he do what he does best?

Arsene James wants out

Some key members of the Micoud South constituency Branch are already making plays for the selection of another candidate for the constituency of Micoud South.  There are mixed feelings about the whole episode.  Two members of that branch have their eye set on the seat.  Others are in the process of looking for someone in the community who is not necessarily a Flambeau, to become the next candidate.  Yet there are others, who will tell you that even though the current MP has been a disappointment, they do not want him to leave just yet.  To them, he is the only person that can run the Desruisseaux area.  But family members of the sitting MP have indicated that their relative will not seek re-election after this term of office is up.  They point to his total dissatisfaction with his current colleagues: the corruption, the ineptness, the arrogance, the lack of direction and leadership etc.  A close cousin of the MP, went further to state, "that is why he is just being quiet on Government matters, and only speaking on what concerns his Ministry directly."  Atene (as some call him) it seems, is just biding his time.  A female relative, even made mention that her uncle is " just waiting for his 8 years to make his pension money, and then to leave the UWP fellas to do their do." 

What could have caused Arsene James, former Deputy Leader of UWP and Oppositon Leader to want to bail-off the ship, and soon?  One wonders if he regrets his membership of the super 8.  The team that some say is largely responsible for the death of Sir John.  Does he now wish he hadn't shafted Vaughan Lewis in order to remain in the UWP?  As Minister of Education, does he even really consider the children, the students, the future of this country and the destruction that his Cabinet is bringing upon them?  Or could it be a combination of those and more, that have given him cold feet and caused him to re-think remaining with that particular bunch?